The PNBM Story


The story of Points North Baptist Mission begins with the vision of Missionary Gary Forney. As a 20 year veteran of Arctic missions, Bro. Forney established several gospel preaching churches in Canada’s Western Arctic. Eventually health conditions required Bro. and Mrs. Forney to return to the USA. In October 1996, God began moving upon the heart of Bro. Forney to establish a mission agency to specifically address the need for missionaries in the circumpolar regions of the world. Brother Gary Forney and current PNBM Director, Bro. Steve Donley, were the first missionaries of PNBM.

The biblical philosophy that all ministry in this New Testament age must fall under the jurisdiction of a local church has always been paramount. PNBM was originally a USA based, local church ministry of Calvary Baptist Church in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Those early and successful days of PNBM drew the attention of missionaries called to places that did not fit the Arctic specific template of PNBM. In 2003, All Points Baptist Mission was birthed with the broader scope which thrives today represented by missionaries going to all points on the compass. However, it was soon obvious the need for PNBM to champion Arctic and indigenous missions based within Canada.

From Canada, PNBM can assist missionaries with their Canadian-based support and with immigration sponsorship. Originally, PNBM became a ministry of the First Bible Baptist Church of Inuvik, NWT. Bro. Forney was instrumental in her planting and later FBBC matured under Bro. Donley’s leadership. As FBBC began to transition to autonomy, PNBM moved her local church authority to Harvester’s Baptist Church in Ontario. Several good decisions at HBC strengthened PNBM as it continued to grow and mature.

Today PNBM is directed by veteran Missionary Steve Donley and has returned home to First Bible Baptist Church in Inuvik, NWT, Canada. Under the leadership of Bro. Donley, Points North Baptist Mission continues to be an arctic, northern and indigenous focused mission agency. Its role in helping missionaries reach into the circumpolar regions of the world fulfills the Great Commission commandment to go to the uttermost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.